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Fresh Content Marketing is an SEO strategy created by Bryan Casson. This unique search marketing approach relies on fresh/new content as a strategy to be listed well in search engines under a majority of long tail and broad keywords.

Since the Google Caffeine Update, marketing fresh content as the foundation of professional SEO has become more than just a theory. New and relevant content is now a leading factor in any online marketing strategy. Google likes to index new information and is indexing it faster than ever. Google's search index is now indexing pages in real time. Live results from Twitter are appearing in Google search engine results instantly.


Fresh Content Marketing techniques include the following:

  • Creating article pages so that a site always has new information for Google to find
  • Using social media to boost your fresh content. This may include putting a Twitter Widget on a site so that every time a person Tweets, new content is posted to the page.
  • Write a blog a blogging platform such as Wordpress. As long as this blog is attached to your domain it will constitute as fresh content.
  • Host a forum and get others to update your content. Every new forum post will index in Google as new content under the "Discussions" field.
  • Host a Wiki
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