Google Analytics Privacy Policy Limits Keyword Data

There has been an announcement on the Google Analytics blog that has most SEO companies up in arms. Rightly so, as it seems that Google has decided to make a contradictory move. In summary Google has announced that they will …

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What is Waytag?

So we all know the popular location application Foursquare which a good number of South Africans enjoy using. Well,  let us step it up a notch and take location search to the next level and add a South African touch… …

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SEO Company vs SEO Individual | Who to hire?

Hiring a SEO company or individual can be tricky. Can the single guy handle the work? Will the company deliver on their promises? Who has more experience? Make sure you are getting the right SEO services when you need them.

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Universal Search dominated by location based search

The number one position in Google is no longer where it used to be, universal search is dominating the search engine results pages and pushing down the prized organic results. Get a Google Places account now to stay ahead of the competition and use location based search to your advantage.

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Top 10 SEO Tips for Beginners

So you want to increase your ranking but you don’t know where to start? Here are a few SEO tips for beginners to get your site visible in Google. These are easy to implement SEO tips that are a foundation to anyone looking to touch up on their search engine optimisation.

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