International SEO Company Spam In South Africa

UPDATE: Since writing this post on the 18th Dec 2012, it is great to see that Google has cleared away all the spam…I wonder if they read this article ;) Google’s response time was a fantastic 12 days to get

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Search, Plus Your World – Social And Search Integrate

Those users that have a Google+ account have noticed the big changes that Google has put in place with regards to their new “Search, Plus Your World” feature. Google has become the first company to successfully integrate search results and social media and I must say I do like the personalization of my search results with elements of my social circles.

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First Page Ranking Guaranteed With Infinite Scroll

Looks like Google is looking at the possibility of using infinite scroll for web results as they have done for image search. Infinite scroll which is used by many leading content providers like Twitter, Google+ and Facebook does indeed help …

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Google Instant Results Hit SA

Google Instant results hits South Africa and I must say I really like it already. If you don’t know what Google Instant is and want to know how this Google update will affect SEO then take a look at my …

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Google Page Previews in Search Options Panel

A new search option in Google results pages may help you take a glimpse into what lies behind a URL. This search function should help us to identify pages easier as well as give us a heads up to spam pages that we usually kill the minute we see them.

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