SEO Copywriting Gets You Ranked

When writing copy for your website it is important to capture the attention of the browser and reader right from the outset. Writing killer copy is all-important and will make all the difference to your rankings on Google – and that is what I do for my clients.

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Google Slap in Adwords – What to do?

Have you been experiencing very low quality scores in Google Adwords (1/10 & 2/10)? Have you researched high and low and are not sure why your Adwords campaign has crashed? Your Adwords campaign could be “Google slapped” and your campaign …

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Google Shortens Title Tags in Company Search

Google has shortened the title tag when searching for company names. Instead of displaying the full title as before, Google is now only displaying the company name. This algorithm change will not affect searches using long-tail search queries, it only seems to change when searching for a specific company name.

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