Google Plus Gets A Makeover

New Google Plus IconWhen I first heard about Google Plus, I wasn’t really blown away by this product of Google’s but now after its makeover, this platform is a lot more user friendly and simple to use. ¬†According to Vic Gundotra, …

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Google Analytics Privacy Policy Limits Keyword Data

There has been an announcement on the Google Analytics blog that has most SEO companies up in arms. Rightly so, as it seems that Google has decided to make a contradictory move. In summary Google has announced that they will …

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Google Keywords Tool No Good for Keyword Analysis

Google Keywords Tools is no longer what it used to be and can no longer be trusted as a reliable tool for keyword analysis. Google has decided to focus on commercial keywords only so it is time to look at other options for keyword research.

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How Google Works

Ever wondered how Google works, take a look at this very cool Infographic that breaks down the Google search process a little. Would love to say I came up with this but I did not but it is a great find worthy of sharing.

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Claim Your Google Places Listing

Claim you Google Places Listing so that you can be found in Google Maps with the right information for your company. Google defaults this listing and most of the time gets the location and details incorrect. Find out now if you are listed and what to do if the wrong info is shown or if your competitors details are where yours should be.

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