Casson Media Designed for SEO

Many clients have asked if I do website design, and the answer has always been “No”. I am not a designer and I do not intend to become one either, however, I am constantly informing my clients to update, rebuild …

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Google Instant Results Hit SA

Google Instant results hits South Africa and I must say I really like it already. If you don’t know what Google Instant is and want to know how this Google update will affect SEO then take a look at my …

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Google Satellite Maps in SA Search Results

If you are looking for a satellite map of a major city and do not feel like going into Google maps to look for it then simply type the city into Google followed by the query “satellite map”. Google will fetch the map and display it as a snippet before your results.

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Is Your Hosting Company SEO Friendly?

After recent troubles with some large hosting providers in South Africa, I have made it my mission to try and explain why it is crucial to have SEO friendly hosting for your website. Having the wrong host can be detrimental …

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Noob Guide to Online Marketing :Missing Google Places?

A client sent me this Noob Guide to Online Marketing by Oli Gardner which sums up very well what needs to be covered when creating a successful online marketing strategy. As online marketing is such a huge area to cover …

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