What is Waytag?

So we all know the popular location application Foursquare which a good number of South Africans enjoy using. Well,  let us step it up a notch and take location search to the next level and add a South African touch… …

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Google Slap in Adwords – What to do?

Have you been experiencing very low quality scores in Google Adwords (1/10 & 2/10)? Have you researched high and low and are not sure why your Adwords campaign has crashed? Your Adwords campaign could be “Google slapped” and your campaign …

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The Death of Muti

It is sad to see one of South Africa’s top aggregator websites muti.co.za comes to an end after appearing to be hacked. Users of Muti are now greeted with a broken Muti screen when trying to log in to their …

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What Is Dynamic Keyword Insertion?

Improving your Google Adwords click through ratio (CTR) can be a very tricky task. An advanced Adwords management method of improving this ratio is by using Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI). Yes it is a mouth full so in the industry …

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Is SEO Training Necessary for Your Company?

Many SEO companies in South Africa offer solid SEO training. While these sessions can indeed be very informative I thought I better outline the difference between SEO education and SEO training. If you expecting SEO training and get a SEO crash course instead then this needs to be understood from the start.

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