How to avoid duplicate content on your site

Duplicate content can be detrimental to the SEO of any site. Search engines have made it easier to avoid duplicate content and I have put together some tips to make sure that your content does not show up on any search engine radars. If someone is copying your site either on purpose or by mistake then don’t ignore it, you need to take these actions to fix it.

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Monitoring Life with Twitter Trends

Everyone has different interests and different likes, monitoring these life interests on a day to day basis is known as “trends”. We can use trends as a sneak peak into the lives of our users, if we know what they want then we can know what to offer them. Twitter is the latest way to monitor what is hot and what is not.

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Top Firefox SEO Plugin Extensions

Every SEO needs a set of tools to speed up the day to day analysis and optimisation. This set of Firefox SEO extensions will get you on the right path to effective and speady search engine optimisation

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Gravatar WordPress Plugin

Gravatars make it easy for your well used avatar to be located in one central place. This wordpress plugin allows you to implement Gravatars into your site comments with ease.

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7 Must-have SEO WordPress Plugins

Everyone needs a handful of plugins to edge their website to the front of search results. These easy-to-install plugins require little work but the results will speak for themselves. SEO does not have to be hard… just a nudge in the right direction is all you need. Wordpress handles most search engine optimisation needs but a few more tweeks here and there cannot hurt.

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