SEO Client Portfolio


The proof is usually shown in the results. In this section I will create online portfolio’s and case studies for each client I have. I will be posting the positive and the negative results so that together we can analylze the effectiveness on the SEO presented. I am a strong believer that SEO and SEO strategy should not be hidden from clients or normal non-SEO individuals. Open strategy and advise will benefit all parties and will lift up the awareness of SEO, particularly in South Africa.

Basic SEO PackageCalitzdorp Country Lodge
Oct 2009 | WordPress | brand new site (not indexed yet)
Advanced SEO PackageDas Landhaus WordpressSocial Media Package
Oct 2009 | WordPress | brand new site indexing well
top SEO keywords: guest lodge accommodation, montecasino shopping , cedar square shopping
Advanced SEO PackageAided WordpressSocial Media Package
Sep 2009 | Wordress | power word “
catia reseller”
Advanced SEO PackageMachine Simulation SA
May 2008 | keyword reach: 275 |
power word “vericut”
Basic SEO PackageSchool Link
Jan 2008 | keyword reach: 905 |
power word “school transport”
top SEO keywords: school transport, school shuttle service, transport from school,
Premium SEO PackageClowning AroundSocial Media Package
march 2008 | keyword reach: 8421 |
power word “clowns
top keywords: clown, magicians, clowns, kids entertainment, party supply, party shops, water parks

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