SEO Consultant & SEO Specialist – Need A Freelancer?


Search Engine Optimisation can be very confusing. Are you tired of all the “SEO Specialists” that talk all day in three letter acronyms. Well SEO Cowboy is a straight shooter that tells you how it is in a language that you can understand. I will do my best to tell you all about SEO as simple as possible as I have done in this SEO blog . I’m not interested in trying to sell you stuff you don’t need, I would rather provide you with your exact needs to get in front of your competitor.

What can I offer?

SEO Consulting (corporate): This is a package for design companies and marketing companies that have no SEO knowledge but would like to offer SEO to their clients. As a SEO specialist, I will setup all accounts under the umbrella of your company ( I can wear your t-shirt, cap, or uniform to represent your company on your behalf).

SEO Consulting (direct): If you simply want some direct advice on Search Engine Optimisation and have lots of questions you really need to get answered then I will gladly come and help you get a better understanding of SEO read more about my SEO consulting.

SEO Maintenance: I can handle all your SEO maintenance on a month to month basis to keep your company or your clients company up-to-date and positioned well in major search engines.

Adwords Management: I have extensive knowledge in Google Adwords and have managed over 50 successful Adwords campaigns. I will decrease the cost for your company/clients and then increase the conversion rate and overall effectiveness of the campaign.

Social Media: I can handle all social media setups for you or your clients including Twitter, Facebook and Afrigator accounts. As you are aware, Twitter is a fantastic marketing tool that every company should use.

SEO training: Outsourcing your SEO may not be what you want, if you want to learn the basics or advanced techniques of SEO then I do offer one-on-one training in basic SEO standards, advanced SEO and Social Media.



Bryan Casson
SEOCowboy Blog Owner