Choosing The Right Directory for Your Website

Back in the days, web directories where used the same way as your ordinary yellow pages for finding and locating certain services. Now times have changed and web directories have a total new meaning to them.

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Is SEO Training Necessary for Your Company?

Many SEO companies in South Africa offer solid SEO training. While these sessions can indeed be very informative I thought I better outline the difference between SEO education and SEO training. If you expecting SEO training and get a SEO crash course instead then this needs to be understood from the start.

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Google Satellite Maps in SA Search Results

If you are looking for a satellite map of a major city and do not feel like going into Google maps to look for it then simply type the city into Google followed by the query “satellite map”. Google will fetch the map and display it as a snippet before your results.

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Is Your Hosting Company SEO Friendly?

After recent troubles with some large hosting providers in South Africa, I have made it my mission to try and explain why it is crucial to have SEO friendly hosting for your website. Having the wrong host can beĀ detrimentalĀ …

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Create a Website with SEO in Mind

It is a good idea to create a website with SEO in mind from the design stage. SEO structure is a very important process of search engine optimisation that is often ignored. Using tableless designs, cleaning up your code and creating a sound structure can boost your site exposure from the start.

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