Google Hangouts For Your Business

In the past couple of years we can all agree that Google doesn’t stop to amuse and surprise us with all the new features.  The coolest feature to be added to the Google family is  Google hangout. The hangout was …

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First Page Ranking Guaranteed With Infinite Scroll

Looks like Google is looking at the possibility of using infinite scroll for web results as they have done for image search. Infinite scroll which is used by many leading content providers like Twitter, Google+ and Facebook does indeed help …

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Google Shortens Title Tags in Company Search

Google has shortened the title tag when searching for company names. Instead of displaying the full title as before, Google is now only displaying the company name. This algorithm change will not affect searches using long-tail search queries, it only seems to change when searching for a specific company name.

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How Google Works

Ever wondered how Google works, take a look at this very cool Infographic that breaks down the Google search process a little. Would love to say I came up with this but I did not but it is a great find worthy of sharing.

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Soccer City Captured by Google Maps Street View

Soccer City is captured in Google Maps street view, take a look inside the stadium or out. South Africa has since completed this beautiful stadium as the World Cup is set to kick off in 2 days. You can take a virtual tour of this amazing stadium and almost pick out your seat number.

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