International SEO Company Spam In South Africa

UPDATE: Since writing this post on the 18th Dec 2012, it is great to see that Google has cleared away all the spam…I wonder if they read this article ;) Google’s response time was a fantastic 12 days to get

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SEO That Works – Do Not Get Scammed By SEO Companies

A certain company has popped up on the radar of a group of SEO professionals as being yet another company that is giving South African SEO Companies a bad name. Lets just call this the “SEO that works” …

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Google Keywords Tool No Good for Keyword Analysis

Google Keywords Tools is no longer what it used to be and can no longer be trusted as a reliable tool for keyword analysis. Google has decided to focus on commercial keywords only so it is time to look at other options for keyword research.

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SA Blog Awards Need a Better Nomination Process

SA Blog awards have some flaws in their nomination process that need to be addressed if they ever wish to hold any credibility in future years. Many blogs are ending up as finalists in the wrong category and the nomination phase needs to be more than just a “tell a friend and win” exercise.

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Why Bing is Useless in South Africa?

Bing South Africa no longer exists. Why? Seems Microsoft thinks South African searchers are not as important as other international searchers. Bing is sure to lose South African market share at a rapid rate if they don’t start to re-think their approach for South Africa. No more , no more local search on Bing. What is Microsoft thinking?

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